Beyond Movements Studio

The Classical Pilates MAT

This class is taught by:

Louise Kennedy

Pilates Instructor
Most days, Louise is behind a desk in the corporate world but this year she has achieved a long term goal of attaining her Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction. Louise began Pilates 5 years ago for exercise and to find relief from her neck and shoulder pain. Encouraged by the immediate pain relief and increased body muscle tone, Louise wanted to deepen her understanding of the Pilates Classical Method and to share Pilates with others. Louise says, “Pilates is a solid cardio workout that will strengthen your core like no other fitness regime. Don’t be fooled by the concept of lying down during Mat sessions, there is nothing lethargic about Pilates and it shouldn’t be viewed as ‘easy’ at any level.” Having only a limited break from Pilates after the birth of her first child Ben, Louise was delighted to be practicing with Pilates guru, Suzanne McCarty throughout her training and development. Louise believes that Classical Pilates’ precise method and theoretical training allows her to fully challenge each student. From her own results, Louise feels custom programs built on the integrity of the classical technique are best and it is crucial to keep her students moving with the proper form to maximize the benefits from each session. “Slow and steady wins the race” Equally importantly, Louise’s exuberant personality and creativity keep sessions fun and fresh.

Suzanne McCarty

-Principal level trainer member Pilates Alliance Australasia
-Level 2 RYT Yoga Australia
-Yoga Therapist /IAYT
-GYROKINESIS®  Authorised Master Trainer and GYROTONIC® Method Trainer and Authorised Pre Trainer
The owner and director of the beautifully crafted HARA Beyond Movement Studio, Suzanne McCarty  shares with great enthusiasm her passion for movement and anatomy that is based on her extensive knowledge from a lifetime of studying and practicing movement. Suzanne enjoyed a 12 year professional dance career before she became a teacher of movement in 2000.


  • 2nd Generation Pilates Method of Body Conditioning certified  Pilates Teacher Training with Romana Kryzanowska /USA
  • Principal Pilates trainer level member/ Pilates Alliance Australasia
  • Diploma Pilates PITC
  • Level 1 GYROTONIC®  Method Authorised Pre Trainer and an GYROKINESIS®  Method Authorised Master Trainer
  •  Registered Level 2 Yoga Teacher  Yoga Australia
  • Yoga Therapist IAYT
  • Spiraldynamik® Basic level certificate
  • Training and Assessment Certificate IV


Jayne Appeldoorn

HARA Pilates Teacher

Five years ago, I began practising Pilates. It was at a difficult time in my life and I found it gave me a sense of strength and peace that I had never experienced. Pilates has changed my life, and I tell everyone about that.
Having started my training in Classical Pilates, then having a baby, I experienced the benefits of rehabilitative Pilates work.
I put my Classical Pilates training on hold and in 2016 completed a Diploma in Pilates Movement Therapy with Pilates Teacher Trainer, Carla Mullins from the Australian Pilates Method Association. I continue to be mentored by Suzanne McCarty. I am grateful to have learnt from, and learnt with, strong, intelligent and knowledgeable women.
I believe that Pilates can provide a strong sense of center, that it can release and strengthen, and above all, make you happy. I look forward to working with you at HARA.

Louise Ingram

HARA Pilates Student Teacher
I did my first Pilates Reformer class with Suzanne in early 2011 while visiting family in Coffs Harbour and was instantly hooked. I was self employed as a dog groomer and wanted to protect my back from injury and had heard Pilates was the best preventative. I was lucky enough to find a Classical Pilates Studio in my home town in Canada where I was living at the time and I have continued doing 2 - 3 reformer sessions per week ever since.

In November 2014 I started my Classical Pilates Teacher Training with my teacher in Canada who is a 2nd Generation Pilates Instructor. I feel blessed to have been introduced to this method of body conditioning by two such knowledgable teachers. I have recently moved back to Coffs Harbour where I am honoured to have joined Hara and will continued to be mentored by Suzanne. My posture has and core strength have improved significantly over these years, and in turn I no longer suffer from any back pain. I truly believe that Pilates can benefit everyone and I look forward to working with you in the studio.


The Classical Pilates MAT

This class is suited to experienced students of Pilates with a sound body.We recommend that you have prior Pilates experience to taking this class and recommend the Pilates Beginners 5 week course if you are a beginner.

*If you have a current injury,pain or health condition we highly recommend that you attend an initial consultation and join either our  "Pilates Therapeutics class courses or individualised Pilates  studio sessions.

This is 50 minutes of flowing power taught how Joseph Pilates intended it. We follow the original Classical Pilates MAT exercises. Just you, your body and sometimes the magic circle and the arm weight series to heat it up! This is a challenging MAT class providing rigorous body conditioning and a cardiovascular workout.


Suzanne McCarty is a second generation Pilates instructor ( which means she studied directly with one of Joseph Pilates proteges Romana Kryzanoswka). She is a principal level pilates trainer level member of The Pilates Alliance Australasia and has been teaching Pilates full time for almost 2 decades.

class size 6-max 12