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Lauren Realph

Lauren Realph has been teaching Yoga since certifying in London in 2008. She has over 2000 hours of teaching experience both in Australia and abroad, spanning almost a decade. She is a senior level teacher with Yoga Australia and is currently completing post graduate studies in Yoga Therapy.
Lauren began her pilates education with Peak Pilates, completing her mat work certification in 2011. She has since completed pre and postnatal specific pilates mat and equipment studies with Tensegrity Training and most recently has completed the comprehensive Pilates Reformer instructors qualification with Pilates International.

Yoga & Pilates classes with Lauren are nourishing, authentic, warm and accessible. She teaches with an emphasis on alignment and individual attention. Her classes are designed to create space, strength and inner integrity, while learning to develop a compassionate and intuitive sense of individual boundaries. Classes with Lauren invite you to feel great, move well and improve your overall health & vitality!



Lauren Realph instructs the following:
  • Yoga flow -With Lauren Realph
  • Yoga Flow-With Lauren Realph-
    28 degree heated room during cooler months

    Suitable for students with prior yoga experience and a sound body.We recommend that you have prior Yoga experience to taking this class and recommend the Yoga Beginners 5 week course if you are a beginner. If you have an injury, pregnant or a health concern we highly recommend that you take either an initial consultation and we also offer Yoga Therapy sessions & Yoga Therapeutics classes at our studio.


    This is a Vinyasa style Yoga class based on Hatha Yoga and adds a mindful approach to flowing Yoga.

    Flow Yoga classes are designed to allow you to improve your alignment, while building strength, increasing flexibility and improving stamina. Longer holds and slow transitions offer the opportunity to increase your understanding of the body in each pose and more time spent working on each pose will allow you to deepen and improve your personal practice.

    The class includes Sun Salutations, standing, prone, supine, arm strengthening and seated postures then ends with a guided relaxation.

    Why do we heat the Yoga Room at HARA for some classes during the cooler months?

    At Hara we use Far Infrared Heaters.

    The HARA YOGA flow sequence is practised in a room warmed to the comfortable temperature of a late spring day @28 degrees in order to support the natural building of warmth within the physical body. However we don't believe that practicing in a heated room during summer and hot days is healthy nor balancing so we only offer heated rooms on cooler days/months of the year:)

    class size 6-max12


  • Yoga Therapeutics
  • Yoga Therapeutics 

    This class is suitable as a gentle yet deep practice ideal for mild injury, certain health conditions or pre and post natal care.
    One initial private consultation prior is compulsory at a reduced price and there is also an option to purchase a discounted block of 3 privates to compliment your group class training.

    This class will offer modified Yoga Therapy postures and other theraputic movement which is specifically designed for you as an individual, some exercises will be practiced as a group and then you will have your own set program to follow afterwards.

    Note: If you have a pre existing injury, this class may not be suitable for you. Options to book into a Private Yoga Therapy session with your teacher may be more suited to more serious issues that need specific individual care and attention.

    Please contact the studio to discuss these options.

    Class size is 4 to a maximum of 6 to enable close supervision and to ensure exercises are performed safely.

  • Restorative Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
    This class is suitable for everyone from elite athletes to those living with stress, illness, health conditions and could be accessible for those recovering from injury.(Injuries must be assessed individually and are subject to medical clearance)

    Restorative Yoga is a delicious way to relax and deeply soothe frayed nerves, boost energy levels and it is the ultimate way to nourish & restore.
    Its an invitation to gain energy without expending any!
    Classes use various props such as bolsters, blankets & blocks to hold and support students in passive postures.
    This class is the perfect class to balance out a more "yang" or active lifestyle.
    Expect supportive postures held for longer periods of time, gentle breath work & guided meditation.


     Maximum class size 10

  • Chair Pilates & Yoga
  • Chair Pilates & Yoga

    Designed for students with physical limitations getting up and down from the floor in regular Pilates MAT and Yoga classes, its especially great for seniors, however for certain health and physical conditions this class may not be appropriate for you especially if you have disc injuries or pre existing back injuries as this class is performed mostly sitting on chairs. We also include many standing exercises.

    This class puts focus on building muscular strength and endurance without stress on joints, back strength and maintaining good posture. The aim is to give more ease in your everyday life activities such as walking, stair climbing, gardening and sports. Exercises are done in a chair and some standing to improve your balance. Focus is on breathing, spinal alignment, shoulder mobility and stability, arm strength, balance, core strength. You will achieve greater body awareness and confidence.

    This is a challenging and fun class for all.


    Maximum class size 10

    This Community class costs $15 casual or $10 with a concession card. 

  • Hatha Yoga with Lauren Realph
    This class is suitable for students with some Yoga experience, and a sound body. 
    We recommend that you have prior Yoga experience to taking this class and recommend the Yoga 5 week Beginners course if you are a beginner.
    *If you have a current injury,pain or health condition we highly recommend that you attend an initial consultation and join either our "Yoga Therapeutics " class courses or individualised Yoga Therapy studio sessions.

    A traditional Hatha Yoga class that incorporates yoga postures (asana) and yoga breathing exercises (pranayama).
    The Yoga postures are combined with mindfulness techniques & breath awareness in an accessible and harmonising way.
    This class will invite you to improve your alignment, while building strength, increasing flexibility and aims to nourish all of the systems of the inner body.
    The class ends with a guided relaxation.
    class size 6-  max12

  • Buff Bones Pilates
  • Buff Bones® 
    Buff Bones®  is an intermediate level class for sound bodies, suitable for students with prior Pilates experience.
    We recommend that you have prior Pilates experience to taking this class and recommend the Pilates Beginners 5 week course if you are a beginner. If you have an injury, pregnant or a health concern we highly recommend that you take either an initial consultation and we also offer Pilates studio sessions & Pilates Therapeutics classes at our studio.
    Buff Bones® is a medically-endorsed workout that combines Pilates, functional movement, strength training, and therapeutic exercise with bone-strengthening and balance techniques to optimise the health and safety of your bones.

    The workout follows a research-supported design of specifically sequenced exercises, making it an entire system of bone and joint health, rather than just a set of exercises. Toning your arms, hips, back and abs, the Buff Bones® system also improves posture, is adaptable to varying levels, and is even safe for those with Osteoporosis, Osteopenia and some spinal conditions(to be determined).
    Developed in the United States by Rebekah Rotstein, a recognised expert in Pilates and exercise for Osteoporosis, this dynamic one-hour class is enjoyable and challenging for people of all ages and levels.


    class size 6-max 12