Beyond Movements Studio

Cathy Summersell

Cathy Summersell instructs the following:
  • Yoga In Motion/ The GYROKINESIS Method Beginners
  • Yoga in Motion/The GYROKINESIS® method Beginners 

    This 5 week course is suitable for those new to GYROKINESIS®, we will go through foundations so that you can move into a flowing class with ease and confidence.This class is suitable for all levels.

    If you have an injury, pregnant or a health concern we highly recommend that you take either an initial consultation and we also offer GYROTONIC® studio sessions & Yoga/Pilates Therapeutics classes at our studio.

    GYROKINESIS® exercise which works the entire body through seven natural elements of spinal movement.

    It systematically and gently works all joints and muscles of the body.
    Postures are smoothly and harmoniously connected. The use of rhythmic breathing, undulating, spiraling and 3 dimensional movement conditions the body, stimulates its internal organs and opens energy pathways.
    Fluidity and ease is the key.
    Gyrokinesis® invigorates and re-educates the body to move with fluidity, relaxation and power.


    Maximum class size 10.