Beyond Movements Studio

Kristy Cooper

Kristy Cooper instructs the following:
  • Pilates MAT Beginners-Foundations
  • Pilates MAT Beginners-Foundations

    This course is ideal for beginners to Pilates MAT work, those who have done classes here and there, who haven’t practiced for awhile or those who want to learn the essentials of the Pilates Method to deepen their knowledge. Suitable for a sound body.

    *If you have a current injury,pain or health condition we highly recommend that you attend an initial consultation and join our individualised Pilates studio sessions.If you have a bone density issue the Buff Bones ® Pilates classes are ideal for you.

    This class covers the principles of Pilates to build a deep understanding of the practice so you are confident to walk into any Pilates class. You will be guided to correctly perform the exercises so that you get the most out of every workout. The course will give you a thorough foundation of the Pilates method. Students leave more confident with a greater awareness and connection to their core and whole body. After this course we welcome you to join our general Hara Pilates MAT classes.

    class size 6-max12