Beyond Movements Studio

Kristy Cooper

Kristy Cooper instructs the following:
  • Pilates MAT
  • Pilates MAT 

    This class is suitable for students with a sound body. We recommend that if you have no prior Pilates experience to join the Pilates Beginners 5 week class course.
    *If you have a current injury,pain or health condition we highly recommend that you attend an initial consultation and join our "Pilates Therapeutics" class courses or individualised or Pilates studio sessions.

    Enjoy a series of Pilates exercises to build up strength and technique needed to participate and prepare your body for the HARA Pilates  "Classical MAT".
    The class term begins with deep core fundamentals and stability exercises, to bring balance and strength to the inner body.We will then go on to concentrate on building core strength, arm strength and spinal mobility and control.

    class size 6-max 10