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How do I begin at HARA  Beyond Movement Studio? 

This depends on you.  Do you have an injury, recovering from illness, surgery, birth, need to train for a specific sport or art form, are you a beginner or experienced student? Our Pilates MAT, Yoga and GYROKINESIS® Exercise group classes are for the healthy body, free from injury, however we do offer some Specialty classes - see our timetable for these. If you are a beginner, you would start with the Beginners classes prior to attending our Regular classes.  If you have chronic pain, are recovering from illness or surgery or have a special condition or goal in mind, you most likely need to stay with Private 1:1 sessions. We have Duo sessions for those who don’t require one on one attention and you still experience training catered to your own specific needs and Therapetic Pilates MAT and Yoga classes. Contact us for more information and to book.

Are there changing rooms at the studio?

Yes. We have a changing room, shower and towels for hire.

Do I bring my own mat?

We have Pilates Mats for everyone. There are yoga mats for use but for hygienic reasons we suggest that you buy your own.

 Is there parking near HARA studio? 

 Yes. There are 6 allocated parking spaces for HARA students along the East wall of the studio. The other parking on the site is allocated to the other businesses from 8.30am-5.30pm, however outside of these hours HARA students may also use these carparks. Please be curious to our neighbours. On West High St directly in front of our studio driveway there is 2 hour parking. Across the road  in Lister Street and around the corner in Murdock Street there is 2 hour parking. There is a council Carpark down West High Street which is accessed from Scarba St and another council carpark in Lister Street.

 When do I pay for studio sessions and classes?

Our classes run as 10 week blocks during the school terms. We ask that  10 week blocks must be prepaid prior to each term to confirm your booking. Casual class visits are welcome in regular and specialty classes but not the Beginners class courses.  Community classes are paid on a casual basis on the day of the class.

What payment methods are accepted at HARA?

EFT - EFTPOS - Credit Card - Debit Card - Cash – Cheque

Do you offer concession prices?

Yes in some circumstances, please ask.

 How do I pay by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)?

You can transfer payments using the account details below.

Bank: Commonwealth Bank                                      BSB:  06 2521

Name: Hara beyond movement studio                      Account: 1044 8886

Reference: YOUR Name

Claiming on your private health fund 

Depending on your fund, some private health funds will refund on both sessions and classes run by an instructor  member of an industry body. Usually you will need to be doing the classes or sessions in order to prevent or rehabilitate from an injury or have a condition which pilates, or yoga is part of the management. This may include but is not limited to: arthritis, including juvenile and osteo, osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer, obesity, chronic pain, respiratory conditions and neurological conditions. For most funds you will need to be assessed by a physiotherapist first and need a form completed by either your physio or GP. For more information talk to your physiotherapist, doctor or health fund.
There are specific health fund guidelines for Yoga and Pilates.  Check the FAQ under these headings.


What Pilates style do you teach at Hara?

Our trainers have certifications in either Classical Pilates and Contempory Pilates. We offer both rigorous training with a strong foundation in anatomy and  injury management and therapy.

Should I attend Pilates group MAT classes or Private / Duo Pilates apparatus studio sessions?

This depends on your physical condition and your training goals.  Studio apparatus Private and Duo sessions give you individual attention and are tailored to your specific needs and goals.  When learning the Pilates method, it is good to know that Pilates is not just floor work MAT classes. The complete Pilates method is training on the Pilates apparatus as well as the MAT. Using the apparatus will guide and support your body to achieve profound results. It is also beneficial for rehabilitation of chronic pain and injury. We highly recommend, and in some cases insist, that you take a Private session if you are recovering from an injury or have chronic pain. Certain Injuries, pain or post operation conditions always require Private session training.

Pilates MAT group classes provide a full body workout that focuses on developing “the powerhouse” (core stability), spinal articulation and refined movement. MAT group classes are designed for a healthy body, although modifications can be taught for specific body types and minor issues, however, it is not possible to give full personal attention in group classes. Your personal needs will determine which MAT class is best for you.

How often should I attend Pilates classes/sessions?

One regular Pilates class/session per week is good and will keep you aligned. Two to three times a week is ideal especially when recovering from injury or wanting to make a big shift.

If you have a healthy body and your routine is mixed with Pilates, Yoga and the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® method for variation, you are welcome to attend classes/sessions every day as long as you are attending classes appropriate for your fitness level and listening to your body to recognise your limits.

When must I take a private Pilates studio session?

A Private one to one session is required prior to any Pilates apparatus studio session or prior to any class in the case of serious injury, pain and other individual needs. 

This initial consultation is crucial to assess your physical condition and assists in understanding your specific goals and needs. It also gives you the individual attention needed to learn how to correctly execute the exercises and learn the Pilates fundamentals in detail. Following the initial consultation, you can choose to continue with Private or Duo sessions with the teacher. If you are injury free and want to just join in the Pilates MAT classes, there is no need for a Pilates Private 1:1.

Just a bit of history: originally, Pilates was always taught one on one.

 I have never done Pilates, where do I begin?

We strongly suggest that you begin in our 5 week Pilates Beginners class or a Pilates general Class.

 I’m super fit or I've done Pilates somewhere else - what level class do I attend? 

Regardless of prior experience in Pilates or your fitness level, it is suggested that new students begin in a level 1 class before attending higher levels of Pilates MAT classes. There are differences in Pilates styles and teaching methods so we take every precaution to protect your good health and prevent injury.

 Hara Beyond Movement Studio Pilates instructor, Suzanne McCarty is a member of the Pilates Alliance Australasia, and is currently covered by the following health funds:

Can I Claim my Pilates sessions with Private health funds?

Depending on your fund, some private health funds will refund on both private and class pilates sessions run by a qualified pilates instructor, memeber of an industry body. Usually you will need to be doing pilates in order to prevent or rehabilitate from an injury or have condition which pilates is part of management. This may include but is not limited to: arthritis, including juvenile and osteo, osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer, obesity, chronic pain, respiratory conditions and neurological conditions. For most funds you will need to be assessed by a physiotherapist first and need a form completed by either your physio or GP. For more information talk to your physio or health fund.

Classes and sessions with Suzanne McCarty are currently covered by:

- Australian Health Management (AHM)
- Australian Unity
- BUPA (MBF, HBA, Mutual Community)
- CBHS Health Fund Limited
- GMF Health Fund
- Health Care Insurance Limited (HCILTD)
- Teachers Federation Health
- Transport Health

Link to Pilates Alliance Australasia Health Funds

Other health funds may cover Pilates.  Please confirm eligibility with your health fund.

How do I know that I’m receiving training from a fully certified Pilates instructor?

All HARA Pilates instructors hold a minimum of a Diploma of Pilates. A fully certified Pilates instructor undergoes a thorough course requiring hundreds of hours of training and studying. The entire method is taught, including the MAT work and exercises performed on all of the Pilates apparatus with study in anatomy and injury management, health conditions and body types.

Studio owner and head Instructor, Suzanne McCarty is a 2nd generation fully certified Pilates instructor by the Romana Kryzanowska Pilates Method of Body Conditioning in New York, 2000.  She also holds a Diploma of Pilates and is level Principal Trainer member of the Pilates Alliance Australasia.

If you attend a class or session provided by a student teacher at HARA we will inform you

It is so important for potential Pilates students to be aware that some Pilates certifications require less training than others.  Some certifications only cover mat work - just one part of the Pilates method.



What is the GYROTONIC® method?

Please read What is the GYROTONIC® method page.

How do I take a GYROTONIC® method session and why? 

GYROTONIC® exercise sessions are performed on the pulley tower and handle unit and are only practiced in a private & duo session with the teacher as we only have 2 pulley towers and handle unit.The GYROTONIC® method is best practiced on its own as it has a very different rhythm to Pilates. Private GYROTONIC® exercise sessions are for remedial work or experiencing the joy of freedom of movement.

What is GYROKINESIS® exercise?

Please read What is GYROKINESIS® exercise page.

Who is a GYROKINESIS® exercise class suitabe for? 

At Hara our GYROKINESIS® exercise classes are designed for the healthy body and you are welcome to attend as a beginner.
 exercise classes can be adapted to fit anyone's ability. People from all walks of life, including accomplished athletes and dancers, college students, baby boomers, senior citizens, and people with disabilities practice the GYROKINESIS® exercise. We provide  Beginners/foundations and a flowing  classes according to prior experience



When would you suggest I do a private Yoga Session?

If you are a beginner or injured, it’s great to start with some Private yoga sessions before joining a Yoga class or to focus on specific aspects of your yoga practice. Also, if you have individual needs or a health condition that requires a class catered to you. For beginners, we also offer our 5 week beginners Yoga course.

What style of yoga classes are offered at Hara?

Hatha Yoga -  Restorative Yoga  - Pre and Post Natal Yoga - Yoga Therapy

I’ve done Yoga somewhere else – what class do I attend?

We offer general levelled Hatha  Yoga classes, a dynamic practice-Flow Yoga and Yoga Therapuetics for special conditions

How often should I attend Yoga Classes?

Regular attendance is best and as often as you can. 

Can I Claim my Yoga sessions with Private health funds?

Suzanne McCarty and Lauren Realph are registered Yoga teacher members of Yoga Australia. Please check the YA website link below for details on claiming with your health funds for her classes.

Link to Yoga Australia healthfunds