Beyond Movements Studio


Suzanne McCarty, founder of HARA beyond movement studio is excited to offer GYROTONIC® exercise in Coffs Harbour. As an ex-dancer and certified GYROTONIC® trainer and Pre Trainer and GYROKINESIS® method trainer and Master trainer, Suzanne has trained with and remains strongly influenced by The GYROTONIC®  method founder, Juliu Horvath. She has a passion and enthusiasm for the fluid body movement that this exercise method provides. Through her teaching and encouragement, it is evident that Suzanne’s students share her enthusiasm.

Hara welcomes student teachers Rachel Macleod /GYROTONIC® and Cathy Summersell GYROKINESIS® to the team.


The holistic approach of these methodologies is more than just exercise, it’s also an education that inspires confidence, awareness and respect for your body. 

Regular practice of the GYROTONIC® method or GYROKINESIS® exercise is beneficial to your exercise goals and will support daily routines and activities if you are looking to:


• Improve general fitness, strength and control

• Exercise with support and confidence after injury 

• Gain confidence and freedom within your body

• Sculpt and tone your body

• Gain precision and efficiency when executing movement

• Improve posture 

• Support other sports/activities with improved technique

• Prevent injury

• Energise your body





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