Beyond Movements Studio


I have been attending classes at Hara for one year now. I feel that within that year my practice has a whole new depth and understanding, more than I ever thought possible just from attending yoga classes. I now feel stronger, more aware and I have learnt how to move in a whole new way. You and your staff are extremely knowledgeable, patient and welcoming. Every time I leave a class I'm happy that made the effort to attend, I feel refreshed and just a little more at peace. Thanks for everything

- Michelle

Thought I'd let you know how much I am enjoying your yoga and pilates classes. I love how you are always learning and exploring. Its great not to have stagnet classes and I'm learning so much about my body and I have actually noticed differences outside and within my body which has been great.


I am really thrilled for you to be progressing and continuing to grow in your work/art/practice.
I just wanted to write and say congratulations for your excellence and curiosity to explore the leading edge of your work in the world. The community needs you and you are building greatness for Coffs!


You Lady are an excellent instructor with copious tech skill coupled with good humour.

The best combination in a trainer (of any topic).


Hey Suzanne,

I would just like to say a big thank you for organising the Lisa Howell workshops. They

were incredibly informative, worthwhile and a fantastic thing to have in Coffs I really

appreciated it and know that the others who attended the workshops felt the same way.


Five years ago I suffered from Sciatica and constant back pain.

I spent 2 years trying everything – physio, massage, even considered surgery. I decided

to try one last thing – Pilates.

For almost 3 years I have trained with Suzanne. It was the best thing I have ever done

for my body – and I have no more back issues!

I absolutely recommend Pilates and in particular Suzanne’s training methods.

Thanks for everything Suzanne!

- Kristen

Thank you for your teaching; I love Pilates and what it is doing for my body.

– Lesley S.

Thank you for all your hard work and pushing me when I don’t want to try!

This is the best exercise I’ve ever done!

– Lisa L

The only fitness routine I’ve ever stuck to! Suzanne, I can’t thank you enough for your

patience, your support and the way you encourage me to work hard even when I can’t

be bothered.

Every class is FUN!

– Louise K.

4 weeks of Pilates and I am back to my pre-baby weight, very happy.

Lesson 12….I was sad wondering why my bum looked bigger but my husband pointed

out to me that it wasn’t bigger, instead it has firmed up again.

So now I am super, super happy!

– Naomi S

For a long time I had been searching for some sport or technique to make me more

flexible and help me with my spinal pain, that wasn’t related to a spiritual concept such

as Yoga.

By chance I found out about Pilates and I really enjoyed it from the beginning.

In Suzanne McCarty I found a very sensitive and precise teacher helping me not only to

improve my workout but also going into more details of the movement.

-Marie J

I have been taking Pilates classes for the last 3 years with Suzanne McCarty. She is an

excellent teacher who is very dedicated to the Pilates method.

Suzanne also has lots of experience in post-pregnancy Pilates and I really benefitted

from her classes after the birth of my two sons in 2006 and 2007.

I’m delighted to now be back into my pre pregnancy trousers!

-Nicola S

In the years that Suzanne McCarty has worked at Healing Mountain Studios, Vienna

Austria, I was blessed with a very knowledgeable trainer that not only knew all of the

skills in the Pilates and GYROKINESIS® Exercise work but also the needs of my clients.

She has professionalism and utmost attention that she dedicates to each individual and

has fine feeling and spontaneity to take each human being and encourage them in their

growth every day.

I was and still am very sad to have lost such a valuable trainer and person here in

Vienna. I wish her much success and as much or more fun that we were able to

experience during the time we worked together.

-Michele C

Thanks for today,I always come away feeling taller and stronger!

-Bridget D

Pilates isn’t girly!

After trying gyms and trainers I found that Suzanne’s individual and duo Pilates

instruction using her studio equipment as well as her mat classes has improved my

flexibility, strength and posture.

It is a true work out any man can use no matter what your age or condition.


Thank you for my first Pilates session last night, I really enjoyed it, great way to end the

day. Even today my core is solid and making me sit up straight – So cool!

I had a hysterectomy two years ago and have had trouble re engaging my stomach

muscles, not from the op but years of just not being able to exercise or enjoy using my

stomach muscles.


I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely say thank you.

It is nice to know someone whom is passionate about what they do,

but also very professional at the same time. When I first considered

pilates I was initially sceptical. However through your vast experience

you educated me about my injury. I wanted to find something that

would strengthen my back after injuring it over 20 years ago. You

made me confident and stronger. Your connection with me on a

personal level made every visit very special. You became interested

in my journey and made appropriate recommendations at specific

times. You created a very fun environment, which helped me feel

relaxed, but also committed at the same time. Your sense of humour

made the difference. You have set my expectations very high and

I would have no hesitation in recommending your business and


Thank you for caring about me.


The Healthy Bones Workshop was excellent. Once I found out I had osteoporosis I did a

lot of research myself but often found it conflicting. The Workshop put all the

information together simply and was very thorough. I would definitely recommend the

workshop for information on prevention as well as treatment.